Railway to Road conversions

The following former railway bridges and tunnels have been converted for road use -

County Road Railway Line Grid Ref Date Notes
Argyll and Bute A828 CR Ballachulish branch NM911344 1914 & 1966 Connel Ferry Cantilever bridge converted to dual railway/road use in 1914 and road only in 1966
Argyll and Bute A828 CR Ballachulish branch NM978443 1999 Creagan Viaduct removed in 1999, but bridge pillars reused for new bridge
Durham A689 NE Bishop Auckland to Durham line NZ206303 11-arch Newton Cap viaduct re-used with new roadbed added
Gwynedd Minor Road LNWR Caernarfon to Afonwen SH479627 1999 Caernarfon tunnel converted for road use
Kent A2260 SEC Gravesend West branch TQ638741 Tunnel under A262 lowered but arch still in place
Kent A2 SECR Rochester railway bridge TQ739690 1970 Disused Ex-SECR railway bridge over the Medway in Rochester converted to road bridge
Lancashire A589 MR Morecombe to Lancaster (Green Ayre) line SD476621 1969 Former Greyhound Bridge railway bridge converted to road use as Greyhound Bridge Way.
Nottingham A6011 MR Nottingham to Melton Mowbray line SK584387 1979 Former Trent Bridge railway bridge, renamed Lady Bay Bridge on conversion to road use. Submitted by Peter Courtenay.