Railway to Road conversions

This website attempts to provide a list of all locations in the UK where disused railway lines have been re-used as roads, giving details, where known, of the road, the original railway, map references and the date the conversion took place.

The rules for including conversions on this website are -

  • The road must join the formation of the railway line, run along for some distance and then leave it again.
  • Only publically accessible roads are included, so farm tracks, private drives etc. are excluded
  • Industrial or housing estates are generally excluded because it is too difficult to follow the route and the routes are generally too short to be worth recording.

If you know of a conversion that is not listed on these pages, please use the 'Submit new entry' form to add details.

Date Update
27 Nov 2004 15 more conversions and 27 more counties/UA surveyed, with the survey now covering 80% of the counties/UA's.
6 Oct 2004 19 more conversion and 25 more counties/UA's surveyed. The survey has now completed 67% of the counties/UA's.
16 Sep 2004 Added another 20 conversions, and another 49 counties/UA's surveyed, including the whole of London and West Midlands.
4 Sep 2004 Added another 32 conversions, with 24 more counties/UA's surveyed
11 Aug 2004 Survey now completed for Lincolnshire
29 July 2004 Added 'Full List' and 'Progress' pages, and finished 'Bridges & Tunnels' page
29 July 2004 Corrected two entries for Essex, submitted by 'Steven'